All programs renew under 9 items in your account unless specifically listed. All programs are easy to cancel. Please log into your account, then select the Billing tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button that says, “Pause/Cancel Billing”. You can pause at any time. We deliver health food to your door. We have to order fresh food, cook it, package it and deliver it to you. This process takes time and planning. Our programs all have an 8-day advance notice cancellation policy. You simply hit the button today, and your account will not automatically bill or automatically renew starting the 8th day.

Example: I select to pause my account by pushing the “Pause Billing” button on the 1st. My account billing pause will take effect on the 9th. I will be able to order the remaining meals in my account, and I will not be charged for any additional meals. We will refund to the individual’s meal bank any meal that a client is ever unsatisfied with to a reasonable limit. We do not offer monetary refunds. We have never had anyone with excessive meal returns so this allows us to maintain this policy. We are always available and here to help. You can reach the office from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.

Special offers and promotions.

Our promotions are very simple. If you select the 20 meal promotion at $5 you are charged initially $100 plus the processing fee of 10% totalling $110. Your next set of meals will bill when your account drops under 9 items for the regular listed price of 10.99 per item plus processing of 10% $241.78. Should you choose to cancel as soon as you begin in your members billing section or by call in this will be all that is billed. We have an 8 day cancellation policy which means you must cancel 8 days before you drop under 9 meals.

Please read these terms and conditions. We want you to know exactly how our program works.You agree to these terms and conditions by signing on the web site and ordering. You agree to these terms and conditions also by checking multiple check boxes that say you agree to the terms and conditions.

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